The Lectors and Commentators Ministry

The Lectors and Commentators Ministry is meant for the lay faithful with the heart to grow in spirituality. They are to commit themselves in executing their duties and responsibilities especially so in the proclamation of the word during the Liturgical celebration.

The Lectors or commonly known as the ‘procaimers’ of the word, function as readers of the scriptures except the Gospel Readings. They are to read with much reverence so as to favour meditation and reflection when the parishioners listen to the spread of God’s Word and the treasures of the Bible.

The commentators are also known as the providers of explanations and commentaries when appropriate during the Eucharistic celebration. They usually start with a brief introduction of the Holy Mass, followed by doing part of the Liturgy (responsorial psalm; acclamation prior the Gospel); General Intercession; announcements; call out hymns. Finally they may provide concluding comments to the entire sacred action before the dismissal.

The Lectors and commentators liturgical function has been listed in the General Instruction of the Roman Missal No. 105. There is no doubt of the importance of their role and responsibilities in any liturgical celebration. Their very presence ensures that the word of the Lord and the process of the Holy Eucharistic Celebration are accorded due meaning and significance for parishioners to lead truly christian life.