Choirs of St Mary’s Church

There are three choirs group at St Mary’s Church.

Sunday Main Choir
The Choir of St Mary’s was formed in the early 80s with the name “Sunday Main Choir” , until today. The members are mostly from the senior parishioners. They sing during Sunday morning mass, feast days, solemnities, days of obligations, weddings as well as funerals.

St Cecilia’s Choir
Youth Choir was formed during the Mid 80s from amongst the Youth Movement. The objective was to attract more young people to come to Church and attend the Eucharistic Celebration. The Choir usually sing during the Sunset Mass on Saturday and some other special occasions. The members are made up of working youth and some students from the neighborhood. The Youth Choir was renamed St Cecilia’s Choir as inspired by the Patroness of Musicians, St Celicia.

Youth Choir
Another Choir was formed from the Youth Ministry in 2011. It was called Junior Choir initially but change its name to Youth Choir later. They are made up of  students from the Secondary schools & local colleges. They usually sing once every Month, on the Second Sunday of the month.
These three separate choir groups serve the respective English masses at the Parish. Together they aim to fulfill the liturgical function which is to foster the active participation of the faithful in the liturgy through Singing. “With Song to praise God twice.”
They are also very active in other church activities & welcome new members to join them.

Choir Practice:

Main Choir: Saturday 4:30pm
Contact Person: Clare Wong – 016 896 1643

St Cecilia’s Choir: Thursday or Friday at 7:30pm
Contact Person: Leo Tajul – 016 869 5431

Youth Choir: Saturday at 10:00 am
Contact Person: Sharlene Justin – 014 289 6049