Basic Ecclesial Community (BEC)


The Basic Ecclesial Community (BEC) was formed in 1987 in Sibu Diocese initiated by Emeritus Bishop Dominic Su together with a group of Redemptorist Priests namely Patrick Massang, FrCalixtus Emmanuel, Fr Philip Lai and Fr. Lucas Ho.

The Objective or purpose for the formation of the BECs is to enable parishioners to understand their role in their respective communities and in the church.
To gather once a week to pray to promote the reading of the word of God, to encourage members to live a sacramental life, to build close family relationship among its members and to render help to families in need.

Division of Zones and Groups

Due to the large number of catholics in the 3 parishes, each parish has been divided into several basic ecclesial communities, each having her own management committee to oversee the well being of their community. Initially, the BECs were divided into 5 zones but due to its expansions, there are now 7 zones.

St Mary of the Divine Mercy Parish
The BEC in St Mary’s Parish comes under Zone 1 which consists of 7 groups.


Since its formation, the groups under zone 1 have actively carried out their activities such as home visits, home masses (at least one a year), visit the sick and the elderly in hospital and at home.

However, of late the groups have declined in members and a few are already dormant. This is partly due to members’ migration to other places.

To date, Group 6 & 7 are still active with their weekly get together for Rosary at homes of its members.