Legion of Mary

Mother of Divine Mercy Praesidium
Mother of Divine Mercy Praesidium is the youngest senior praesidium, and a successor to the former Help of Christians Praesidium (1985-1988) that once resided at St. Mary’s Church.

Mother of Divine Mercy came to be in 1997 after willing volunteers from Gate of Heaven, Sr. Mildred Yii and Sr. Regina Jong, accepted the challenge to lead the praesidium.

Being the only praesidium based in this Church at this time, much is expected that she does the provisions needed by the Church. Middle-aged or near retiring age members made up the bulk of this praesidium.

Some of her tasks were hospital visiting, contacting, church cleaning, helping in religious article sales after Sunday Mass, leading Rosary before Friday Mass, helping in CCD Sunday Class, attending BEC Rosary and Mass, contacting auxiliary members and giving religious instructions.

Members were punctual at weekly meetings, at least that was the comment endorsed from visiting members of other praesidia. In meetings or functions, Mother of Divine Mercy would give the most audible response to prayers and Rosary recitals.