Dear Councilors and all brothers and sisters in Christ,

It is with mixed feelings and reluctance to announce to you all that there will be no our usual community Rosary in the Church this year.

However, let us hearken to Pope Francis’ encouragement for all of us to continue the tradition of reciting the Rosary at home with our family during the coming months of May and October. He promises to join us in the spirit. He himself has already penned the intention for each decade of the Rosary with its concluding prayers to use during this time of corona virus pandemic.

Upon discussion and consultation, we will not use any Apps because of security reason. Instead we go back to our normal through using the prepared group Schedule. The groups assigned will lead the Rosary from from their respective homes while others will also join in at the same time from their own homes.

To all leaders of Committees and parish movements and organizations, please kindly inform all your members and all our parishioners of the above.

Below here is the intentions of the Rosary with its concluding prayers. We shall start the Rosary nightly at 7.30 p.m. sharp starting from 1st of May till 31st May, 2020